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◉   Drop-In 
Come for helpful advice.

◉   Courses 
Enjoy 4hrs of in-depth tuition. 

◉   Workshops 
2hrs of tuition.

◉   One-To-One  
A tutor gives you a personal service.

◉   Current Activity Interest Groups 
Join with others to share ideas.

◉   "Catch" Sessions 
You can catch ideas at these sessions.

Interest Group Tuition   Interest Groups  

No interest groups on the schedule at the moment.
Calendar  Click here for Tuition Schedule 
Booking Required  Booking Required Cost   1 to 2hr Session  $5
Location   Learning Centre OR hosted in a
member's home  Home , with group numbers limited by venue size
Tutor  You pay the tutor on the day you attend.
Booking  To make a booking, please contact: Contact
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Interest Group Tuition
 Interest Groups 

These are social groups encouraging discussion and sharing ideas on a particular topic. Some participants may have discovered interesting apps or features, others want to ask, learn or experiment. This is a great opportunity to further your enjoyment of your computer or device in a friendly, informal way.

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Topics include:
Photography  Photography
Downloading  Downloading
Movies  Movies
Facetime  Facetime
Screenshot  Screenshot / Resize
Netflix  Netflix (+ other movie providers)
Backing-up  Backing-up (Time Machine etc.)
Pinching Images  Pinching Images (personal use)
Organizing your files / folders  Organizing your files / folders
Skype  Skype
Genealogy  Genealogy
Newsletters  Newsletters
Greeting Cards  Greeting Cards
Email issues  Email issues
Travel Hints  Travel Hints

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