Tuition Tuition

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◉   Drop-In 
Come for helpful advice.

◉   Courses 
Enjoy 4hrs of in-depth tuition. 

◉   Current Activity Workshops 
2hrs of tuition.

◉   One-To-One  
A tutor gives you a personal service.

◉   Interest Groups 
Join with others to share ideas.

◉   "Catch" Sessions 
You can catch ideas at these sessions.

Workshop Tuition   Workshops  

Calendar  Click here for Tuition Schedule 
Booking Required  Booking Required
Cost   2hr Session  $10
Location     Learning Centre 
Tutor    You pay the tutor on the
day you attend.
Booking   To make a booking,
please contact:
Phone No      ‍(‍0‍3‍)‍ ‍3‍6‍5‍-‍1‍9‍7‍9 

Workshop Tuition

A wide variety of workshops are offered. They are 2 hours in length although some can be of longer duration depending on the subject. Subjects can vary from minor computer problems members may have, to the latest in technology such as digital cameras,  Digital Camera  cell phones,   Cell Phones  internet banking,   Online Banking  video conferencing,   Video Conferencing  etc.

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