Learning Activities Learning Activities

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◉   Drop-In 
Come for helpful advice.

◉   Current Activity Courses 
Enjoy 4hrs of in-depth tuition. 

◉   Workshops 
2hrs of tuition.

◉   One-To-One  
A tutor gives you a personal service.

◉   Interest Groups 
Join with others to share ideas.

◉   "Catch" Sessions 
You can catch ideas at these sessions.

Courses Learning Activity   Courses  

Calendar  Click here for Tuition Schedule 
Booking Required  Booking Required
Cost   2 x 2hr Sessions  $20
Location     Learning Centre 
Tutor    You pay the tutor on the
day you attend.
Booking   To make a booking,
please contact:
Contact bookings@seniormac.org.nz      bookings@seniormac.org.nz
Phone No      ‍(‍0‍3‍)‍ ‍3‍6‍5‍-‍1‍9‍7‍9 

Course Tuition

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We offer 4 hour courses especially written by Seniors on how to operate the Apple Macintosh computers,
iPads, iPad  iPhones, iPhone & Apple Watches Apple Watch and learn the software programs and Apps that are used by these devices.

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