Welcome to SeniorNet Mac Inc. a community training network, based in the beautiful garden city of Christchurch, where volunteer seniors (aged over 50) support and motivate other seniors to use and enjoy
Mac computers  Product   and other Apple  Product  devices in their everyday lives.

The Incorporated Society was established in 2000 and gained charitable status in 2008. The Society has been providing an important service for people of all ages by assisting them to stay safe, while making the best use of all the latest Apple technology over the last 20 years.
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There are different learning options depending on your preferences and these can be face-to-face or virtual meetings using Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.
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  • Come for helpful advice
  • 4hrs of in-depth tuition
  • 2hrs of tuition
  • Personal service
  • Share ideas with others
  • You can catch ideas at these sessions

The Learning Centre at  Address: 1049 Colombo Street, Christchurch  is equipped with computers, printers and internet access. You are also encouraged to bring your own devices where appropriate. Some of the activities may take place in members’ homes.
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Photo Friendly Help

We hold two friendly social activities each month. All members, non-members and friends are invited to attend.


The group has question-and-answer sessions, visiting speakers and like to learn about the latest technological advances from Apple.

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The Society provides easy and affordable Tuition from Schedule:  Feb to Dec each year.

Photo Editing

Once you become a Member, you can start learning at any level, from the basic use of an iMacMacbookiPadiPodApple Watch , Apple TV or  digital camera  Photo

through to safely  emailingskypingsurfing the net and exploring  social media to  downloading 
fun and amazing apps and  scanningrecordingediting and  publishing your own creative ideas.
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Apple News

If you would like to Buy or Sell any Mac/Apple products, we can help by letting members know about what you want or are offering. Click here to contact us

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